Configure reference solutions on DIGIT

Get a step-by-step understanding of configuring solutions built on DIGIT.  Learn to set up tenants, configure workflows, customize language and formats, and migrate data seamlessly. Gain practical skills in backend/frontend customization, fee calculations, and integration with third-party services.


Pradeep Kumar
Pradeep Kumar
Sr. Technical Manager, eGov

Who is it for?

  • N Software developers, DevOps engineers, System administrators, IT professionals
  • N Anyone involved in implementing and customizing DIGIT for a specific use cases.

About Course

Course Outcomes
  • N Learn how to configure reference solutions on DIGIT - including data collection, tenant setup, user creation, and document types and fees.
  • N Confidently configure language, workflow, SMS/email vendors, and Google Account Mapping.
  • N Understand format changes, customization planning for backend/frontend, fee calculations, and migration with third-party services.
  • N Learn about data migration and suggestions for a smooth transition to DIGIT solutions.

Course Curriculum


  • Welcome to the course
  • Objectives and outcomes
  • Learn about Good Practices
  • Refresher on concepts

Master data collection & loading

Configuration Changes

Format Changes

Customization Planning


Free access this course


  • [ Knowledge of DevOps practices, Docker and Kubernetes
  • [ Familiarity with database management and cloud computing

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