Deploy DIGIT stack by building a CI/CD pipeline

Effortlessly deploy DIGIT with confidence. Learn the process for DIGIT microservices deployment with Docker, Helm, and Kubernetes. Gain hands-on experience with infrastructure setup on AWS, DIGIT deployment, and operational tasks like S3 bucket setup, environment customization, and production deployment on AWS.


Aniket Talele
Aniket Talele
Technical Lead, eGov

Who is it for?

  • N Software developers , DevOps engineers, System administrators
  • N IT professionals interested in deploying and managing the DIGIT

About Course

Course Outcomes
  • N Learn how to prepare for DIGIT deployment by knowing the interactions with Docker, Helm, and Kubernetes.
  • N Gain an understanding of setting up SSH keys, GitHub keys, and AWS accounts.
  • N Master the QuickStart - learn how to leverage quick infrastructure setup for rapidly deploying and configuring DIGIT, and seeding data to get started.
  • N Understand the procedure to set up and customize environment, establish pipelines for deploying DIGIT in a production environment.

Course Curriculum

Introduction & Overview

  • How to use this course
  • Course objectives and outcomes
  • Introduction to DIGIT
  • Refresher on Good DevOps Practices
  • Refresher on concepts

Preparing for deployment

QuickStart Installation

Understand Operations

Production installation

Conclusion & Next Steps

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  • [ Familiarity with DevOps practices
  • [ Experience with containerization technologies (Docker, Kubernetes)
  • [ Understanding of cloud computing platforms such as AWS

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